This is for you, book lovers!

I’ve loved to read ever since I was little, and even though I sadly don’t have as much time for it as I used to, it’s still one of my favourite things to do when I want to wind down and emerge myself in a different world. In this post, I want to mention a few tips on what you can do to make your reading experience even more enjoyable!

Write down your favourite quotes

There were so many times when I was too lazy to write down passages I liked while reading and regretted it afterwards when I couldn’t find them anymore, so I’d really recommend getting a notebook to put all your favourite book quotes in or to write them in your journal. You won’t only be able to find them again at a later time, but the passages you pick also say a lot about who you are and how you are feeling at that particular time in your life, so it’ll be really interesting to read them back in a few years time and see if they still speak to you in the same way. Alternatively, you could get a jar for collecting little notes with quotes on them or put up post-its on your wall or on a notice board.

The Odyssey Online

Mark your favourite pages

If writing down your favourite passages takes too long, you might as well just mark them with those sticky bookmark thingies you can get at any shop that sells stationary. (Does anyone know what they’re called? Do they even have a name?) If you don’t plan on reselling your books, it’s of course also always a good idea to take notes, underline things and write down what certain passages make you think of. You could also try to do this with sticky notes if you don’t want to write in the book itself.


Make a list of books you read every year

It’s easy to lose track of what books you’ve read and when you read them, so making a list of all the ones you’ve finished in chronological order is a great help. I also like to write the date of the day I started and finished a book inside the cover because I always find it really interesting to know how old I was when I read a certain piece of literature. Keeping track of your books might also help you be motivated to read more frequently, especially if you set yourself a goal.


Use goodreads

You can also set yourself a reading challenge on goodreads, which tells you exactly how many books you’ve finished and how close you are to achieving your reading goal. This is only one of the many useful feature goodreads has, though: You can add your books to shelves to organise them a little better, leave reviews for other readers and future reference as well as reading other people’s reviews, follow users with similar taste in books for reading inspiration and save books you want to read in the future so you won’t forget about them.


Start a book club

Do you ever finish a really good book and are just dying to talk about it to someone, but don’t know whom to? This is what a book club would be perfect for! Literature is written not only to be read, but also to be discussed and shared with each other, so why not ask some friends who like similar books as you to start a book club? You could agree on a book to read every week or month and have regular meet ups to chat about what you’ve read. I absolutely hated Kafka the first time I read it but became a fan after discussing different interpretations of his books with others, which proves that sharing ideas with others can really change your perception of a piece of literature. If your friends don’t like to read or prefer different books, you can of course also start a club with people on the internet, it works just as well!

Smith Publicity

If you have any more tips, do leave a comment below! x



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