6 Ideas for creative and personal Christmas presents

There’s only one more week till Christmas and you still don’t know what to get for your friends and family? Don’t panic, here’s 6 ideas that might save your bacon!

Self-designed tote bags

Do you feel like getting creative but don’t have much money to spend? Just get some fabric markers and a plain tote bag and make your own self-designed bags for your friends! You can find lots of cute images online, come up with your own ones or simply write down a quote from your friend’s favourite book if you’re unsure about drawing.

Photo mug 

This is, again, a very personal gift that’d be great for a family member or close friend – and is surprisingly not even that expensive! (around £5) Choose a cute picture of you and your friend, a screenshot from their favourite movie or even a photo of their celebrity crush and print it on a mug. (You can order them online or sometimes at your local drugstore.)

With such an amazing gift, they’ll enjoy their Christmas tea even more than usual!


Music always makes a great gift, but if you don’t wanna get your friend a regular CD because you’re not sure which albums they already have, making your own little mixtape is the perfect solution. Put together a playlist of songs you want to recommend to them and add some that you’ve listened to together during the past year so they can relive all those wonderful memories every time they listen to the mix!

Customised planner

Since the year is coming to an end, lots of people need a new calendar or planner anyways, which makes it work perfectly as a Christmas present. Instead of buying a ready planner, you could go for a normal notebook that either already has a nice layout or that’s front page you could design yourself by putting together a collage or drawing something. Then, write down the months and days of the upcoming year and add little photos, stickers, quotes or jokes for each day or week to make it even more special and give your friend something to smile about whenever they open their planner!

Write them a story/ poem

If you’re good at writing, coming up with a story or poem for a friend is possibly the best gift you could give them. This is especially great if they’re in a fandom, because you could simply write a fan fiction including their favourite characters or celebrities. Is there, for instance, a book your friend absolutely loved but didn’t like the ending of? Make them happy by writing an alternative one!

A jar full of positivity

Again, this one is brilliant if you’re a bit short of money because literally all you need is a glass jar, a pen and some paper. Simply cut the paper into smaller pieces and write down little compliments, motivational sayings, cute reminders or anything else that you think would make your friend happy, fold them and put them all into the glass jar. This way, your friend can take out and read one of your notes whenever they’re having a bad day and will hopefully feel slightly better afterwards.


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