Signs that you might be a little too obsessed with Christmas

  1. You have been listening to your Christmas playlist for weeks already. It’s the middle of November.
  2. You’ve asked yourself whether it’s acceptable to start wearing Christmas jumpers at the end of October, and have come to the conclusion, that yes, it is.
  3. On the topic of Christmas jumpers: You have at least ten of them, preferably ones with integrated fairy lights, little bells that ring every time you walk or 3D snowmen.
  4. You check your weather app all the time because you can’t wait for it to finally snow.
  5. Michael Buble is your favourite singer.
  6. You need an entire room to store your Christmas decorations.
  7. The premiere of the John Lewis Christmas ad is the highlight of your year and you cry every time it comes on on telly.
  8. You feel equally excited about the GBBO Christmas special and have done a great deal of Christmas baking yourself. (How much gingerbread is it acceptable to eat for one person?)
  9. You believe that wearing anything but red and green in December is pretty much a crime.
  10. You’ve already bought presents for all your friends and family in July.
  11. Picking a tree is the hardest decision you have to make all year. IT’S GOT TO BE PERFECT!
  12. You have serious trouble containing your emotions when you see the first Christmas lights being put up.
  13. You already have 20 giant boxes of baubles at home, but that certainly doesn’t stop you from spending your last few pounds on even more.
  14. You truly don’t understand the question “Isn’t it a bit early for Christmas?”, no matter around what time of the year it’s asked.
  15. Mulled wine and eggnog are the only beverages you’ll drink in December.
  16. Watching a Christmas movie at night becomes part of your daily routine every year.
  17. You can still not fall asleep on Christmas Eve, it’s just way  too exciting.
  18. As soon as Christmas is over, you already start counting down the days till next year.



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