Poetry & A Wonderful Weekend

I’ve tried writing poems for a while now and have never been happy with the results, not to mention the fact that I only ever managed to write a few since I constantly lack inspiration. However, after having an amazing time with my lovely long-distance-internet-friend who came to visit me this weekend, I decided to let her read one of them, mainly because I felt like it sort of summed up the days we’d spent together. Surprisingly, she actually liked it, so I thought I’d be brave and just put it out there, shall I? 



Today I walked

Away from my house

From the summer heat

From the city’s noisy beat

From the buzzing shopping centres

From the parks and playgrounds

To be free from my world

I kept walking

Away from my unaccomplished dreams

From my still not combated fears

From my temporarily dried tears

From the sometimes suffocating numbness

From the words I never dared to speak

To be free from myself


I wandered for hours

And so did my mind

Even so for once

My thoughts didn’t weigh me down

But lift me up


I found myself

In fluffy white clouds above my head

In the shade of blue the sky was painted

In the prickly yet soft green grass around me

In the light reflecting on a butterfly’s wings

In the flowers redolent of bliss

To be free




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