May Favourites



I’ve probably already mentioned a couple of times that I’m a very big fan of David Levithan’s books, so it was only a matter of time until I came around to reading his collars with Rachel Cohn as well. In fact, I already finished “Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist” at the beginning of the year, absolutely adored it and was therefore very much looking forward to reading the other two, too. My exceptions were not in the least disappointed, even absolutely outdone: Despite telling completely different stories, the three books form an amazing entity, which makes you get lost in them even more.

img_6390       img_6391


As always, I’ve of course been listening to lots of different artists throughout May, but the genre that really dominated this month was definitely classic rock. A few weeks ago, I had a look through my dad’s CD collection and ended up carrying half of it into my room, where I then listened to it nonstop. Funnily enough, the album I found myself putting on the most, was actually one that I used to hate when I was younger, mainly because I literally despised both rock and blues until I was about 12 or 13 (I know, I know, I’m very ashamed). But when I finally rediscovered “Bridges To Babylon” by the Rolling Stones, I was instantly obsessed and even remembered some of the lyrics from when my dad used to play it on maximum volume in our living room on Christmas Day.


Fashion & Beauty

Bomber jacket

I’ve wanted a floral bomber jacket for quite a while, but never thought I’d find one that doesn’t cost a fortune, so I’d already pretty much given up on searching for one – until I stumbled across some at TK Maxx the other day. Unfortunately, I can’t post a picture of the one I decided on as it’s in the wash, but let me tell you, it’s absolutely gorgeous and the comfiest thing ever!

Flower Crowns

Anyone who knows me in real life will know that I never leave the house without a flower crown, thus it wasn’t even a question that I was gonna wear one to prom as well. However, I had been wearing mine so much that most of them were already pretty much falling apart and definitely not suitable for a ball anymore, which is why I had desperately been looking for new ones in literally every shop I passed. When I still didn’t make a find, I decided to have a look on amazon and – tadaaa – found some really lovely and big ones for only around 2-3£, even with free shipping! I did go a little crazy and bought way more than I actually needed, but who can resist such a bargain? Certainly not me!

img_6395      img_6394

“I love… Mango & Papaya” body spritzer

This one I bought last year in Brighton and just got out again for summer, it’s so nice and refreshing! To me, it just smells of holidays and sunny afternoons in the Pavilion Gardens, which I can never get enough of.


Other bits & bobs

DW Home 1996 Tealeaf Jasmine Blend Candle

Let’s be honest, none of my favourites post would be complete without a candle, would it? I feel like the scent of this one is perfect for summer since it’s not too sweet and therefore not as heavy as some others, so do give it a sniff and chick it out if you happen to see it at TK Maxx or anywhere else! (I just realised it must seem like I only shop at TK Maxx, but then again that’s not even that inaccurate)


Brendon, Gerard and Patrick

Recently, when my best friend and I had nothing to do, we decided to drive to Ikea on our own like proper adults and guess what – we were successful and I think we even looked like we totally had our lives together! The best thing that came out of this little excursion were the cacti we found there though. You know, I’ve always been very reluctant about plants, because, as much I love them, I’m not exactly the best at remembering to water them regularly and since I wasn’t keen on becoming an accidental plant murderer once again, I didn’t wanna take that risk again. But when I spotted these little buddies, I couldn’t help but buy them nonetheless and decided to name them after band members in hopes that I’ll be reminded to deg them whenever I listen to their name twins’ music!



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