10 Signs You Are Way Too Lazy

  1. You consider “procrastinating” your biggest talent
  2. You haven’t made your bed in about 2 years
  3. You have installed a fridge right next to your bed so you don’t have to stand up to get food
  4. You don’t remember what your bedroom floor actually looks like cause it’s completely covered in rubbish and you haven’t cleaned up in ages
  5. You had to repurchase your favourite shirt as the old one got lost in the depths of your wardrobe
  6. You always leave the teabag in because you’d rather live with the consequence that your tea tastes disgusting than to actually get up and remove it
  7. You’ve ordered so many pizzas that you’re on first-name-basis with the delivery guy
  8. You’ve sat through a film about rodents in Peru and a show about two old ladies going to the supermarket just because you couldn’t be bothered to reach for the remote that was lying only metres away from you
  9. You only talk in abbreviations and unfinished sentences, correct language is overrated anyways
  10. You can’t remember the last time you washed the dishes and you are currently eating soup with a fork since you’ve run out of spoons

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