What I love about autumn


To me, autumn is by far the most wonderful season of the year and here’s why:

Perfect temperatures. I know, most people will disagree with me on this, but after at least three months of sweating and nearly dying in the summer heat, I couldn’t be more happy that it’s cooled down now. In autumn, it’s not hot anymore, but you don’t have to be scared of freezing to death either, which is a great relief, isn’t it? Besides, the clothes you wear are a lot prettier as well, which leads me to my next point.


Sweater Weather. It’s finally cold enough to wear your favourite jumpers again! Apart from that, this time of the year is perfect for anyone passionate about fashion cause you get to layer up and put together the cutest outfits ever. So bring back your scarves, fuzzy socks and knitted cardigans and enjoy how snugly they are!



Colours. People always talk about how beautiful nature is in spring, but aren’t falling leaves just as stunning? I’m not an outdoors-person at all, but having a stroll through a park or forest to admire all the different colours in the trees, inhale the crisp air and walk through the autumn foliage is something even I enjoy.


Candles. Surely, there’s never a wrong time to light some candles, but I feel like their effect is even greater once it gets colder and the evenings get longer. Add some fairy lights, lots of pillows and blankets and your cosy autumn atmosphere is complete!


Staying inside. Yesss! The weather is now so chilly and rainy all the time that it’s absolutely acceptable for you to not leave your house all day. On top of this, there are usually lots of films, tv shows and albums being released in autumn, so you don’t have to worry about getting bored either. Thus, grab a cup of tea, make yourself comfortable on the sofa and binge watch Netflix for as long as you like, no one will judge you and you’ll have the best of times.


Halloween. Despite not celebrating Halloween very much, I’ve been infected with a thrill of anticipation for it nevertheless. There’s something so magical about all the pumpkins and spooky stuff that I can’t help but be obsessed with it. And you know what’s the best part? You don’t even have to be sad when it’s over because you can just start getting excited for Christmas instead!



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