Meeting Fall Out Boy

When I went to my local record store and first picked up a copy of Fall Out Boy’s “Infinity On High”, only because the artwork looked nice, it was on sale and I had heard someone say their music was good, I would never have expected to love it so much. Two years later, I do not only consider them my favourite band, but also my religion and lifestyle.

From the day that I found out Fall Out Boy were gonna play a show in a city nearby, I was completely pumped up and impatiently Β waiting for the 15th October to come, but when the band announced they were gonna sell VIP tickets, I went bonkers. Obviously, I had to get them as soon as they were released, leaving me with very angry parents and only about 15 Euros left for my trip to London – whoops!

When the day finally arrived, I was so excited that I couldn’t even eat pizza anymore, which is honestly miraculous. After having queued for about three hours, making friends with some lovely girls from Switzerland and England and getting our VIP passes and instructions from a guy called Tarzan (yep, that’s his real name, believe it or not), it was eventually my turn to meet the band.



At this point, I was shaking so much that even walking was a challenge, but as soon as I saw them, all the anxiety seemed to vanish. I hugged Pete, Patrick and Andrew and gave Joe an awkward high five as we had been told not to “hug him or jump at him” for he was still recovering from back surgery. Unfortunately, I was still so nervous that my brain deleted most of the conversation, but I remember Patrick saying “I love your flowers!” as soon as I walked in which was the cutest thing ever. I then got to give them my letter, chat a little more and finally take a group photo.


After the meet and greet, we had a few minutes to fangirl, cry and eventually try to calm down (which didn’t work out all too well), before we were escorted into the venue and could save our space in the front row.

The concert itself was just as wonderful as meeting the band: After the support act, Charley Marley, had already played a few songs and successfully created an amazing atmosphere, it was time for Fall Out Boy to come on stage. From the first song on, the crowd was singing along, jumping around and having the best time ever. Things got a bit emotional when they played acoustic versions of “Young Volcanoes” and “Irresistible” and when the show came to an end, I could hardly believe it was real because it had been so amazing.

IMG_2777 IMG_2770 IMG_2773IMG_2800



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