BADLANDS / Halsey – Album Review


Even before releasing her first album, the 20-years-old Halsey, aka Ashley Frangipane, has been the ultimate indie queen of the internet and anyone who has listened to her EP “Room 93”, which was released about a year ago, will totally understand why.

Her music might be classified as electro-pop or compared to artists like Lorde, CHRVCHES or Lana Del Rey, but most people will agree with me when I say that it’s actually too unique to be assigned to any genre at all.
 As I have been a huge fan and admirer of Halsey’s ever since I first stumbled across her single “Ghost” on Tumblr and listened to it on repeat until 4am, the anticipation for “BADLANDS” was completely over the top. Hence, my expectations were admittedly very high as it is, but when I came home from school on Friday, dropped my stuff on the floor, sprinted to my laptop and listened to it for the first time, I was still overwhelmed.

As I heard the first notes of “Castle”, I already felt as if I was entering a whole new universe full of mystery, emotions, rebellion and, above all, freedom.

Every song reveals a little more about this universe, all of them being similar in sound and atmosphere, but still one of a kind. I would also recommend to listen to them in the exact order they are on the album instead of putting it on shuffle because they do seem to be aligned and interconnected in some way. Besides, you probably won’t have the desire to skip anything anyways as there is not a single weak track and they all form a brilliant uniformed whole.

The album literally takes you to a journey through Halsey’s mystical, colourful and inimitable world, each track telling a different, sensationally honest story about identity, relationships, sex, autonomy or love. It is not just a musical album, but truly a masterpiece of art, so don’t hesitate and hop on the plane to the BADLANDS as well!



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