BADLANDS / Halsey – Album Review


Even before releasing her first album, the 20-years-old Halsey, aka Ashley Frangipane, has been the ultimate indie queen of the internet and anyone who has listened to her EP “Room 93”, which was released about a year ago, will totally understand why.

Her music might be classified as electro-pop or compared to artists like Lorde, CHRVCHES or Lana Del Rey, but most people will agree with me when I say that it’s actually too unique to be assigned to any genre at all.
 As I have been a huge fan and admirer of Halsey’s ever since I first stumbled across her single “Ghost” on Tumblr and listened to it on repeat until 4am, the anticipation for “BADLANDS” was completely over the top. Hence, my expectations were admittedly very high as it is, but when I came home from school on Friday, dropped my stuff on the floor, sprinted to my laptop and listened to it for the first time, I was still overwhelmed.

As I heard the first notes of “Castle”, I already felt as if I was entering a whole new universe full of mystery, emotions, rebellion and, above all, freedom.

Every song reveals a little more about this universe, all of them being similar in sound and atmosphere, but still one of a kind. I would also recommend to listen to them in the exact order they are on the album instead of putting it on shuffle because they do seem to be aligned and interconnected in some way. Besides, you probably won’t have the desire to skip anything anyways as there is not a single weak track and they all form a brilliant uniformed whole.

The album literally takes you to a journey through Halsey’s mystical, colourful and inimitable world, each track telling a different, sensationally honest story about identity, relationships, sex, autonomy or love. It is not just a musical album, but truly a masterpiece of art, so don’t hesitate and hop on the plane to the BADLANDS as well!



Music Recommendation: Jamie Mathias

Hello again! Have you ever liked a specific song or even artist so much that you find every single cover people make of it simply horrible? That’s how I usually feel about Ed Sheeran. But when I was walking through Brighton a couple of days ago and first heard Jamie Mathias sing “Thinking Out Loud” on the street,  I was so impressed. Unfortunately, we were already running late for a meet up, so my friends had to drag me away while I kept going on and on about how talented he is and how I’ve never seen a street musician as good as him. By happy coincidence, I spotted him again one week later and was also able to buy his album “Identity Crisis”, which is an absolute masterpiece. I especially love the song “Misbehaving” and I’m not exaggerating when I’m saying that you’re truly missing out if you don’t listen to it. cover170x170 To be honest, I don’t have a single clue which genre Jamie’s music is since the sound really is extraordinary, but if you’re into singers like James Bay, Ed Sheeran or Jamie Lawson, and also rap and hip hop, you will probably like it as much as I do. So go and check him out, you won’t regret it and he genuinely is a really talented songwriter who deserves so much more attention! 🙂 IMG_1150

My Holiday In Brighton

Hello everyone!

After 3 weeks in England that were so wonderful I’m still struggling to believe they were actually real, I am now back in Germany. Having had such a brilliant time, returning to boring every day life feels even more crappy than usual, so I thought: why not blog about all the great experiences I gained and virtually relive the holiday vibes all over again?

Despite having counted down the days till my journey for so long, I still hadn’t really realised that I was finally going back to the UK when I was sitting on the plane from Dusseldorf to Heathrow. The realisation only came when we eventually flew over London and I suddenly felt like coming home.


From the first day on, I absolutely adored Brighton. After we were given a tour through the city, I already started imagining how it would be to find a job and live there, planned what my future flat would look like and where I would go when I had days off. Everything about the town was so beautiful that I never wanted to leave ever again.


















On weekends, we also got to go up to London which was unfortunately completely flooded by tourists, but still astonishing as always.








Apart from that, I was able to tick off another travel destination from my bucket list – Stonehenge! Some people might claim that there can’t be much interesting about a bunch of stones, but personally, I felt like it was such a magical and somehow powerful place that I could probably have spent several hours there.



Another marvellous little town we visited is Lewes which is only a few minutes bus ride away from Brighton.



Lastly, we went on a day trip to Bath which is now definitely one of my favourite cities. Oh how I wish I could go to uni and study there!



Sadly, time always flies when you’re enjoying yourself and I soon found myself back on the plane that took me home, despite feeling like I was just leaving it. Having been home for three days now, I already miss Brighton and all the people I met there more than anything.

What are you doing in your summer holidays? Do you have any travel destinations or favourite places to go? Tell me all about your traveling experiences in the comments if you like! xx