How To Prettify your Bedroom

Do you ever sit in your room, have a look around and feel like you want to change something about it, but don’t exactly know what? Here are a few tips and ideas on how to make your room an even prettier, cosier and more personal place to live in.

(Don’t worry if you’re not the crafty kind of person or don’t have the magic touch for decorations, because – me neither. The following changes are things that anyone can do and require no special abilities whatsoever. xx)

Photos. The easiest step to make your room look special is to make it as personal as possible. And what better way would there be to do that than by decorating it with photos you took? I know it’s rare to actually print photos because you’ve got them all on your phone or laptop but it’s a wonderful experience and a much nicer memory than on your display. You can either just pin photos on your wall, put them in a frame (you can find beautiful frames at flea markets, get different old and new ones with several colours to create a vintage wall) or think of another alternative.

IMG_0384   IMG_0367


Concert tickets. If you love concerts as much as I do, you might also have a collection of concert tickets which you could display on your walls to remind you of the good times you had when you saw your favourite bands or singers. Tickets from the cinema, a museum, a funfair or an exhibition would probably look really good as well!



Basically, decorate your walls with anything that looks pretty: posters, postcards, autographs, confetti, drawings, maps whatever you like!

image1   IMG_0367


A special idea would be to make a template and cut out little paper butterflies in different colours, they’re easily made and look lovely!


Books. Don’t we all know the saying “A room without books is like a body without a soul” by Cicero? Personally, I couldn’t agree more to that, which is why I often catch myself buying books I don’t even intend to read just because they’ve got a nice cover and would look good on my bookshelf. Of course, that’s a bit silly and you probably shouldn’t do that because it’s a waste of money, but what you can do, is to sort the books you already have and put them somewhere where you can see them. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a bookcase, I have a friend whose shelf crashed because she had too many novels stored in it, so she piled them all on the floor and it looks even nicer than it did before. Books add so much atmosphere, so don’t hide them in cupboard where they’re not visible!

IMG_0383   IMG_0382

Same goes for CDs. If you’ve got any, present them! Your visitors will most probably love to have a look at them or select one to listen to as well.


Light up your world. (See what I did there? Hah, 1d af!) A room can often seem a bit comfortless if you turn on a very bright light, so in order to make your place more comfy and cosy, fairy lights are the way to go. (Tip: They look particularly nice draped around your bedstead or on your bookshelf).


Apart from that, my friend gave me a very beautiful lamp for Christmas last year which I believe you could also build yourself if you take a barrel, remove the bottom, drill holes in it and put a light inside.

IMG_0372   IMG_0370

Boxes and jars. In order to turn your room into the “happy place” you want it to be, it’s essential that you also have things around that mean a lot to you and always cheer you up. To store them in a practical and decorative way, you can employ vases, glasses, jars or boxes you can either buy or design yourself by using old shoe cartons or packages. For example, I’ve got a box for letters my friends wrote me, another one for magazines and a little jar where I put in tiny notes with happy memories written on them. Apart from that, box with biscuits or other treats could be a good idea since food is basically the key to happiness, isn’t it?

IMG_0378   IMG_0379

IMG_0380   IMG_0381



Be creative. Always remember that anything can be art and can be used as decoration. There are no limits unless you make them!

IMG_0369   IMG_0368


Guestbook. Guestbooks are usually only a thing at parties or special occasions, but why not have one in your room for your visitors to write in? I bet it’ll be fun to see what they’ve put down afterwards.



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