Book Review: Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter by Louise Pentland

Have you ever read a book and loved it so much that you don’t even know how you could have lived without it? That’s how I feel about “Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter” by Louise Pentland.

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In case you have not heard of her yet, Louise Pentland is a rather popular British blogger and youtuber also known under the name SprinkleOfGlitter on the internet. Since I’ve been following her on social media for quite a while, love her videos for their very special, positive vibe and truly admire her as a person, I was absolutely delighted when she revealed that she was working on her very own published book and obviously didn’t hesitate to pre-order it despite being out of money (whoops-a-daisies).

As the book was supposed to come out on 2nd July, I was rather curious when my neighbour handed me a little Amazon package this Saturday and went a teeny-tiny bit bonkers when I realised it had arrived early. In all the excitement, I couldn’t help but forget about my maths homework, other school work and driving test revision and instantly crawl into bed to start reading.

Even after the first page, I was so impressed. Of course, I was aware of Louise’s talent before and was therefore expecting “Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter” to turn out lovely, but little did I know that it was gonna be one of the most perspective changing books I’ve ever came across.

From the very first word on, it was so different from everything else I’ve read before because it was not just an author telling a story but so much more than that. The way it is written simply makes you feel like Louise is sitting next to you on the sofa, telling you little tales from her life, chatting to you about cringe-y incidents, sharing little tips and tricks to make life more enjoyable and giving you exactly the pieces of advice you need. Everything about this book is so personal that I almost feel like Louise has become the bigger sister I never had but always wished I had.

Covering topics like education, socialising, bullying, love and dating, anxieties but also rather practical things such as crafting, beauty, decorating and various DIY-ideas, it offers the perfect blend and will probably come in handy in so many different occasions.

The contents are very varied, but chosen so well and put in such a good order that they make a perfect unit. Of course, there are some chapters that didn’t fully apply to me but I still enjoyed reading them just as much as the other ones as they are all so divinely written that you simply have to love them.

One chapter I particularly liked was the one dealing with comfort zones and how to step out of them. Since this is something I’m personally struggling with a lot, I can very well imagine myself grabbing Louise’s book and re-reading the chapter whenever I feel anxious and want to chicken out of something to regain a bit of courage and find the strength to give it a whirl despite my fears.

Additionally, I loved the part where she talked about body positivity because this is certainly something that is, sadly, very rarely talked about in our society and often seen as something that is connected with arrogance or general cockiness (which it definitely isn’t). As many other people, I still frequently struggle with accepting my quirks and flaws and tend to forget about my positive features. Therefore, this was such a wonderful reminder that we are all beautiful in our own, individual ways and that being proud of your beauty and confident in your body has nothing to do with self-obsession, but only brings you one step closer to becoming a happier person.

Before I get completely lost in rambling about all the brilliant aspects of this book and take away all the suspense, I would just quickly like to take a moment to appreciate the design of every single page – ’cause, holy guacamole – it’s blooming gorgeous. On some pages, there are tiny highlighted quotes that are so great that you kind of want to paint them on your walls, write them on every single item you own and tattoo them all over your body. I can’t even describe the details to you without understating their artistry, so all I’m gonna say is that if it was possible to fall in love with a book’s layout, then I’d most likely already have proposed to and married this one.

I know it’s not very professional to not give a critical opinion on a work when writing a book review, but to be honest with you, I couldn’t think of a single little thing I don’t like about “Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter”. Reading it has made me feel so inspired and I dearly hope that, if you decide to read it as well (which you really should), it will make you feel just as warm and fuzzy on the inside as me.

All the love,Β 

Greta xx

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18 thoughts on “Book Review: Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter by Louise Pentland

      1. I’m aware of that, but it’s not like she let other people do all the work and sell it as her own as it’s sometimes depicted. The characters and story are completely hers and she did participate in the writing process, so I don’t think it’s fair to blame her for that. And whether she wrote it with assistance of a team or not doesn’t change anything about it being a very wonderful book. πŸ™‚


  1. A Lovely Review! I completely ADORE Louise and her chatty bubbly self! I actually cannot wait to get my hands on her book! I’ve been craving for it for too long! Hahaha, This review makes me pine even more! What a nice read!


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    1. Thanks so much, Holly! πŸ™‚ So do I, I bet you’ll adore her book as well then, it’s just as chatty and lovely as her videos. And I’m glad to make you feel even more excited about it, you’ve definitely got all reason to!


    1. It’s very different from other youtuber books, really, so don’t let that influence you. πŸ™‚ You can really see that Louise didn’t just release a book because she had the opportunity and everyone’s doing it, but that she was very passionate about the project from the start and well, she’s certainly got the writing talent for it!

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  2. Great book review! I haven’t gotten a chance to read her book yet, but I have been following her on YouTube for a while and I think she is so hilarious! I will definitely have to get her book soon. I actually wrote a review of Amy Poehler’s book Yes Please. Have you read it? You should check out my blog if you feel so inclined πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It’s definitely worth reading, I was unable to put it down and I’m sure you’ll love it as well since it’s basically like Louise’s videos put into a book πŸ™‚ Sure, I’ll check it out and follow you back xx

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    1. I guess it’d be suitable for any age as there are topics concerning teens as well as adults, but I’m sure a 15 year old would love it! πŸ™‚ I’m 17 myself, but I do think I would’ve liked it just as much if I had read it 2 years ago.


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