Feminism #1: To Do Away With Stereotypes

“Feminists are so dumb, they’re just ugly, sad women who can’t get a man”

“That’s obsolete, women and men are already equal, stop being ridiculous”

“You call yourself a feminist? You actually believe women are better than men? How can you support such a horrible movement?!”
feminist-stereotypes.jpg?w=300&h=140These are all actual quotes from people I talked to about feminism. Unbelievable, isn’t it? But the sad reality is: a majority of today’s society still has a completely wrong association with the term “feminism”. The image that many people still have in their minds is that feminists are unattractive, whiny, frustrated and men-hating attention-seekers who get angry about imagined insults for no reason at all; an image that couldn’t possibly be any further from the truth.

In fact, the spirit is the complete opposite. Feminism is not about pretending that women are
better than men, but about equality between the sexes. It’s not about being angry at men, but aboutFeminism fighting for justice for all genders. It’s not about overreacting or niggling, but about having a mind of one’s own and using it. It’s not about being too ugly to get a man, but about not accepting unrealistic body standards and degrading social norms anymore. It’s not about fussing without a reason, but about women wanting to express their opinions and being taken seriously instead of being looked down on. It’s not about hating sex, but about stopping rape culture. It’s not about hating men or discrimination, but about creating a society that doesn’t make a difference between sexes anymore, a society in which every member is treated with the respect they deserve and offered the same chances, regardless of their gender.

All those prejudices that keep making their way into people’s brains have caused various false assumptions which is why it’s absolutely indispensable to try to abolish them, starting with spreading what feminism is really about and not being afraid to call oneself a feminist as it’s simply not the naughty word it is often depicted as.


So if you belong to the rather large group of people who support equality, but don’t believe in feminism, then I’ve got some scandalous news for you: As a person who believes in social, economical and political equality between the sexes, you are, in fact, a feminist. Congratulations and welcome on board!


Well, so this was my very first post about feminism. I actually didn’t intend this to become a series but after writing the first paragraph, I felt like the topic is too comprising to deal with it in only one short blog entry which is why I decided to split it up and only begin with one of the many different aspects I’m planning to talk about. As this is a subject that is really near and dear to me, I would be very happy to read your opinion on it and I’m of course also open for suggestions for special issues or sub-topics you would like me to write about, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Thank you so much for reading, have a wonderful week full of joy. xx


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