What I love about Eurovision

The time has come again – today, on the 23rd May 2015, the 60th Eurovision Songcontest will take place in Vienna. Personally, I’ve been waiting for this day to arrive for about a year now and can’t wait for it to finally begin. But what is it about this rather peculiar show that makes most Europeans so obsessed with it?  orf_eurovision_song_contest_c__a72cac753f.1ea3 Here’s why I consider Eurovision as the probably best television event of the year:

1. You have a reason to meet up with your mates, prepare some food and have a nice evening together. There’s nothing more fun than discussing good or, in this case, admittedly kind of odd music from different countries with your friends, is there?

2. When you’re watching telly or reading the newspapers, you usually only ever hear about the same countries: the ones that are influential, have a strong economy and a lot of power or are simply flashy in some way. About the rest, you usually don’t know much more than the fact that they exist somewhere on this planet. So the good thing about Eurovision is that you find out a bit more about parts of the world you might never have payed much attention to and get a small insight into their culture and way of living. 

3. IT’S SO SUSPENSEFUL! If you’re not European, you’ll probably think I’m exaggerating but there’s honestly no thriller or crime story as gripping and emotional as the scoring at the end of the show. Above all, you’ll consider it “EXTREMELY UNFAIR AND SOOOO BIASED” when the neighbours keep giving points to each other but you will also be incredibly disappointed and angry if your neighbours don’t vote for you.

4. The reactions to the acts on the internet. Of course, one shouldn’t be on their phone checking comments throughout the entire show but having a look at sassy or funny remarks on social networks like Twitter and Tumblr will guarantee some laughs. Even funnier than that are the comments of confused Americans trying to find out which kind of “musical war” is going on on the other side of the ocean.

5. Tradition: I started watching the ESC before I could even walk or speak and haven’t missed it once until now. After Lena had won for Germany a few years ago, I went to a huge arena in Dusseldorf for the first time to see the Eurovision show live which is an experience I’ll never forget. Even though I’m not as infatuated with it as I was back then, the ESC will probably always have a place in my heart.

6. I’m usually not a fan of patriotism at all but Eurovision always makes me feel proud of my country in such a positive way that I just have to act it out. Therefore, screaming “12 POINTS TO GERMANY” till I’m so hoarse that I can barely speak anymore is something nobody will ever stop me from doing.

7. The silly lyrics: How can you not be in love with a show where artists legitimately sing songs about moustaches, happy dogs or nuclear poo (yes, that actually happened, check out Finland’s entry from 1982) to represent their country in a competition?

What’s your opinion on Eurovision? Do you love it, hate it or simply don’t care about it? Also let me know your favourite entry of this year if you have one.

Have fun watching the show if you are and if not, I hope you’re gonna have a wonderful evening anyways. All the love xx

(I also discovered two absolutely hilarious articles about the topic which might get you in the Eurovision mood, so check them out if you like: http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/eurovision/eurovision-the-worst-lyrics-in-the-contests-history-from-your-bum-is-part-of-you-to-stay-cool-in-the-swimming-pool-10267483.html http://www.buzzfeed.com/ellievhall/everything-americans-need-to-know-about-eurovision#.taPaqYZBg )


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