10 signs that you spend too much time on Tumblr

1. You can’t hold a conversation with someone without telling them that what they’re saying is offensive at least twice

2. Whenever you try to tell a joke, people stare at you in confusion and whisper things like “What the hell is she even talking about, does she really think that’s funny?” to each other while you need to sit down to catch your breath cause you’ve been laughing about the pun for 10 minutes already

3. You’ve seen every “new” meme your friends are excited about and show you on their phones 2 years ago

4. You love cats more than your best friends and family

5. When someone asks you about your religion, you answer with “Fall Out Boy”

6. You can’t remember the last time you have been fully rested

7. You know the storyline of every existing tv show, including those you haven’t seen one episode of

8. You have the greatest desire to travel, yet never leave your house except if you run out of food

9. You love black clothes because their colour matches your soul

10. People constantly ask you whether you own a boat company because you keep talking about ships


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