April Favourites

Time simply flies by at the moment, doesn’t it? Even though I feel like 1st of April is only a blink away and still can’t believe it’s May already, I’ve thought of a few things I absolutely loved during the past month. Enjoy and tell me your personal favourites in the comments! 🙂 x

James Bay’s new album

I don’t think I’ve ever been so in love with an album as I am with this one. After I picked up “Chaos and the Calm” at my local CD shop, I couldn’t stop listening to it on repeat for two weeks straight. Despite being incredibly likeable and sweet, James Bay has one of the most delightful voices I’ve ever heard. His album is simply the perfect soundtrack for every situation and somehow manages to make me feel completely relaxed and happy even after the most exhausting day. I don’t even know what else to say about it because I feel like everything I could tell you about how great it is would still be an underestimation, so just give it a listen and let me know what you think about it!

IMG_7901      IMG_7902

Melon Love Body Splash

I recently went shopping to have a look at The Body Shop, Lush etc. and got kind of annoyed because everything was so pricey when I came across this body splash at H&M. It was only 1,99€, so I didn’t expect very much of it but when I tried it out, I was positively surprised because it actually smells really, really nice and is certainly good value for money. It’s nothing special but I feel like it’s great to carry around with you in your handbag and perfect if you’re looking for a sort of fresh, springlike scent.


Chocolate Creams Biscuits

I have to admit, I’m usually not too fond of chocolate and anything sweet but when I tried these biscuits, I couldn’t help but fall in love (and eat an entire packet of them). They’re originally from the UK but you can get them in special stores in other countries too, so if you ever spot them in a shop, do yourself a favour and buy them, they’ll show you that the saying “food makes you happy” is completely true.

IMG_8644     IMG_8643

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is one of those TV shows I’ve always wanted to see but never came  around to actually watch. However, I started with the first season a few weeks ago and well, now I’m sort of addicted. It’s so suspenseful and dramatic that it’ll keep you up till early in the morning to finish a season which is probably the best thing a series can do to you.


Lemon Verbena Candle

Since everyone currently seems to be obsessed with Primark candles, I decided to give it a go as well and found this very nice one when I went to the store in Cologne. It smells very fresh and fruity and also lasts you quite long, so I’d absolutely recommend it.

IMG_8649        IMG_8650

Old Jewellery Box

A few days ago, I was searching for something in my mum’s closet, when I discovered this beautiful box which I now use to keep my jewellery. After some research, I found out that it belonged to my great-grandmother and is more than a hundred years old, hitting upon old things is so adventurous!


Which things did you enjoy most in April? Let me know in the comments and have a wonderful weekend! x


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