Why flea markets are better than shops

Do you ever want to buy new clothes, books  or CDs, then go to the city, run through all the shops until you’re close to having a nervous breakdown and still don’t find any of the things you were looking for? ‘Cause that’s what has happened to me all the time when I went shopping in the past few weeks.

Eventually, I was so annoyed that I had nearly given up and already started to accept the fact that I’d have to continue wearing my winter jumpers even in July and August when it suddenly hit me: I could ask some friends to join me and go to my favourite flea market!

So that’s what I did and – tadaaa – I found amazing things and had the most wonderful time with some of my favourite people. 

You’re still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why flea markets  are at least 10x better than normal shops: 

1. The prices, obviously. How could one not love a place where you get the most amazing books for 1 Euro?

2. Adventure. When you go into a shop, you usually already know what kinds of things they sell. With flea markets, it’s completely different: You never know what will expect you and it’s always good for a surprise!

3. The people. Even if you’re as introverted as I am, you’ll always get to talk to some of the vendors or other visitors. If you go to the right places, you’ll meet the nicest, most interesting people and feel incredibly inspired after just one conversation with them.

4. FOOD. Everybody loves some good food, innit? At flea markets, you’ll very often find the most exotic things – so don’t hesitate and give it a try, you’ll nearly never regret it.

5. The uniqueness. Personally, I always find it a bit annoying when I get things at Primark, H&M etc. and suddenly see every second girl walking around with it too. That’s something that’s not very likely to happen when you buy your clothes second-hand or even self-made. Apart from clothing items, you’ll come across a great deal antique books, records, jewellery or furniture as well which I have always found fascinating because I love to imagine all the stories behind them.

6. None-stop-shopping. Instead of having to walk through the entire town to get from shop to shop, you have one booth right next to the other – so it’s even suitable for lazy people like me!

7. Green. You’ll not only have a great time and find things you’d never come across anywhere else but you can also feel really good about it since you’re helping to protect the environment by supporting recycling! There are really no downsides, are there?

Finally, here are some pictures I took yesterday, have a look and enjoy! 🙂

Falafel wrap




Organic passion fruit lemonade





Band: Parcours






I’m not a glutton at all, of course not!



What I bought:






Do you regularly go to flea markets and if so, what do you like about it most? Let me know and the comments! Thanks for reading, have a good start into the next week. All the love x


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