Why flea markets are better than shops

Do you ever want to buy new clothes, books  or CDs, then go to the city, run through all the shops until you’re close to having a nervous breakdown and still don’t find any of the things you were looking for? ‘Cause that’s what has happened to me all the time when I went shopping in the past few weeks.

Eventually, I was so annoyed that I had nearly given up and already started to accept the fact that I’d have to continue wearing my winter jumpers even in July and August when it suddenly hit me: I could ask some friends to join me and go to my favourite flea market!

So that’s what I did and – tadaaa – I found amazing things and had the most wonderful time with some of my favourite people. 

You’re still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why flea markets  are at least 10x better than normal shops: 

1. The prices, obviously. How could one not love a place where you get the most amazing books for 1 Euro?

2. Adventure. When you go into a shop, you usually already know what kinds of things they sell. With flea markets, it’s completely different: You never know what will expect you and it’s always good for a surprise!

3. The people. Even if you’re as introverted as I am, you’ll always get to talk to some of the vendors or other visitors. If you go to the right places, you’ll meet the nicest, most interesting people and feel incredibly inspired after just one conversation with them.

4. FOOD. Everybody loves some good food, innit? At flea markets, you’ll very often find the most exotic things – so don’t hesitate and give it a try, you’ll nearly never regret it.

5. The uniqueness. Personally, I always find it a bit annoying when I get things at Primark, H&M etc. and suddenly see every second girl walking around with it too. That’s something that’s not very likely to happen when you buy your clothes second-hand or even self-made. Apart from clothing items, you’ll come across a great deal antique books, records, jewellery or furniture as well which I have always found fascinating because I love to imagine all the stories behind them.

6. None-stop-shopping. Instead of having to walk through the entire town to get from shop to shop, you have one booth right next to the other – so it’s even suitable for lazy people like me!

7. Green. You’ll not only have a great time and find things you’d never come across anywhere else but you can also feel really good about it since you’re helping to protect the environment by supporting recycling! There are really no downsides, are there?

Finally, here are some pictures I took yesterday, have a look and enjoy! 🙂

Falafel wrap




Organic passion fruit lemonade





Band: Parcours






I’m not a glutton at all, of course not!



What I bought:






Do you regularly go to flea markets and if so, what do you like about it most? Let me know and the comments! Thanks for reading, have a good start into the next week. All the love x


Spring has arrived!

Do you know these annoying people who absolutely hate hot weather and can’t function at any temperature higher than 20°C? Well, I am one of them.

My body can’t deal with heat whatsoever and due to that, I will literally hide in my room with cool drinks and tons of ice-cream as soon as the sun comes out.

Nevertheless, my mum somehow managed to convince me to “enjoy the beautiful weather outside” and accompany her on a walk through the forest. (She must have some kind of superpower, usually the only things that can make me voluntarily leave the house are free food and concerts.)

Eventually, it was not bad at all and I even got to take a few nice photos which I’d love to show you!














Buzzfeed Quizzes that will change your view on the world (not really, but they’re bloody hilarious, so take them anyways)

There are uncountable possibilities of what to do if you want to waste some time on the internet: For instance, you could read articles, check the latest news on politics, economy or celebrities, scroll through your dash on Tumblr, chat to people, have a stalking session on Facebook, read a few blog posts, have a look at your Twitter Timeline or watch videos of your favourite YouTubers.

But somehow, I did none of these things when I got bored this Sunday afternoon. Instead, I ended up taking personality quizzes on Buzzfeed for 3 days straight, with only short breaks for sleeping, eating and going to school.

Now, that I’ve probably answered about a quadrillion questions and have found out that my Scottish name is Fergus, that I should get drunk with Beyónce, marry Harry Styles and that I am, in fact, a 54 years-old orange, I would like to present you my Top 5 of the most enjoyable, weird and entertaining quizzes I found.

I promise you’ll laugh your bum off at the questions and results you’ll get – be careful though: Buzzfeed is highly addictive and will literally destroy what you’ve got left of a sleeping schedule!
Which of One Direction’s bones are you? 

I know, I know, boy bands are not for everyone. But even if you’re not particularly interested in the lads or their music, this test is definitely worthwhile taking since it’s probably one of the oddest ones on this lists. Besides, even my OneDirection-hating friend admitted to find it hilarious, which really says a lot.

How British are you?

This one is a must, whether you’re from the UK or not. Warning: It might make you feel like you’ve been born in the wrong country – Personally, I nearly packed my bags and went to the airport to head off to Britain and apply for a citizenship after I got my result.

Are you more Phil Dunphy or Cameron Tucker?

The perfect quiz for every “Modern Family” lover. And the best part is that you can be very happy with both possible outcomes, can’t you?

What cheese are you?

That’s something you’ve always wanted to know about yourself, just admit it.

Which fruit matches your personality?

One of the classics, innit? In case you haven’t done it yet, go ahead and find out whether you’re more of an apple, banana, plum or lemon, ’cause it’ll change your perspective on life forever.

That’s all for now, let me know about your results and which quizzes you enjoyed most. I’m an absolute failure when it comes to things like regular uploads and even the Buzzfeed test told me that I’m lazy as fuck, so please forgive me if it’ll be a while till I post something again.

Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunny weather, cheerio! 🙂 xx