Types of concert-goers

Hiya everyone! I’ve just come back from an amazing concert and I’m still way too excited to sleep, so I might as well write a quick blog entry, right? The band I went to see is called “The Wombats”, I believe they’re not that popular but if you’re into indie rock you should definitely give them a listen, especially the songs “Let’s Dance To Joy Devision”, “1996” and “Moving To New York”. They’ll make you jump around your room and sing the lyrics from the top of your lungs, I promise.CBX-rknXEAE2F1d

However, I’ve been to a lot of concerts with completely diverging audiences in the last couple of years but even though the type of music and thus the target group differed, I noticed that certain “kinds” of people occurred at nearly every gig:

The Guy Standing Right In Front Of You

He is usually about 7ft tall, male and has a quiff as high as the Empire State Building so that there’s no way for you to see anything apart from the back of his head. If you’re lucky, he’s on his own but it’s not uncommon that he brings along his girlfriend who will sit on this shoulders during the entire concert.

The Hardcore Fan

This person knows the words to every song and does not only sing along to the vocals but also to the guitar solos, drumbeats or any other background sound. Besides, they seem to know more about the band members than they probably know about themselves; will alternately scream, cry and wave and basically have the best day of their lives.

The Wannabe Fan

Everybody’s favourite, am I right? They’ve never listened to more than one or two of the band’s songs, yet claim to be their biggest fans since 2005, despite them being found only 5 years ago. Typical sentences: “Oh, you only discovered them a year ago? I’ve always loved the Arctic Monkeys, it’s a dream come true to finally see them. My favourite song? I know them all, of course, but I’m so bad at remembering song titles. ‘Do I Wanna Know’ is good though. Anyways, the singer is so hot, isn’t he? I hope he’ll take me backstage later”.

The Social Media Addicts

These people are constantly on their phones recording the entire show and immediately sending it to all their friends, aquaintances and distant relatives. The selfies they post on Facebook during the concert sometimes have to be re-uploaded if they don’t get enough likes.

The Rock

Nobody really knows how they got there and what they’re even doing because they’re literally like a statue standing right in the middle of the crowd, not moving an inch.

The Mosher

Very common at punk rock concerts and fundamentally the antagonist to The Rock. He dances, jumps around and nudges people with his elbows for the fun of it, so if you’re standing close to him, better say goodbye to your glasses, necklace and physical health already.

Drunks & Stoners

Usually quite harmless since they’re too wasted to even perceive what’s happening around them. Watch out though: They might give you a beer shower if you’re not careful!

Do you know any more types of concert-goers?Which are your favourite and least favourite and who do you think you are? Let me know in the comments. 🙂 (By the way, it’s already quite late, so please excuse the horrible grammar and spelling mistakes I probably made. Hope your day was just as great as mine, talk to you soon.)  x


50 Facts About Me

Hello and welcome to my very first post on this blog! 

To begin with, I thought it might be a good idea to tell you something about myself before I start writing so that you can get to know me a bit better. Here are fifty more or less interesting facts about me, have fun reading and leave a comment if you want to. x

1. I’m obsessed with bands and musicians and I spend 90% of my money on concert tickets

2. My ultimate dream job has always been to work at a radio station, especially at BBC Radio 1 with Greg, Grimmy & co.

3. I’ve never been to Africa

4. I feel uncomfortable in any room without books

5. I’m that kind of person who could sleep for 12 hours straight and would still be tired

6. My favourite TV shows are Little Britain, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Friends and Modern Family

7. I will always laugh about the most ridiculous things, regardless of my mood

8. I run against my door or wall nearly every day because I’m usually too knackered to walk properly when I get up in the morning

9. I love Harry Styles more than I probably should

10. I once let All Time Low sign my English vocabulary test because I forgot to bring anything else

11. My favourite colours are black, dark violet and turquoise

12. My middle name is Johanna

13. I only ever wear black skinny jeans or skirts

14. I’m a vegetarian

15. Parties scare the hell out of me

16. I hate casting shows but watch them anyway

17. My favourite thing is to come home on a rainy day, curl up in bed with a cuppa and watch the raindrops fall on the window

18. I’m really introverted but as soon as I feel comfortable around someone I’ll never shut up (and make bad puns at every possible occasion)

19. I love learning languages and I’m completely obsessed with British English

20. I never borrow books from friends anymore because whenever I did, I bought my own copy after finishing them anyways

21. I’m very passionate about LGBT+, feminism and equality in general

22. I love photography, but hate being photographed

23. Last year, one of my favourite bands took me on stage to read out a letter I wrote for them

24. Zoella is my biggest girl crush

25. I only skipped school once

26. I’m an atheist

27. My favourite season is autumn

28. I worry about the stupidest things and overthink everything

29. I had a life-size Justin Bieber poster on my door when I was in 6th grade

30. I’m planning to go to uni after school

31. I’m a very lazy texter and constantly forget to respond to my friends’ messages

32. I don’t really like chocolate (except the The 1975 song of course, that’s brilliant, and Cadbury’s)

33. I love acoustic versions of upbeat songs

34. My favourite tea is Black Currant from Sainsbury’s

35. My music taste ranges from bubblegum pop to punk rock

36. I’m can’t dance at all

37. I’m an only child

38. Ed Sheeran has been my favourite singer for about 4 years and listening to his songs always feels like coming home to me

39. I’m very emotional and, unfortunately, quite moody

40. I can’t stand the taste of toothpaste

41. It’s nearly impossible for me to fall asleep without listening to the same song every night

42. When I tried skateboarding for the first and last time, I immediately fell on my bum and somehow managed to break my arm (I still can’t explain to myself how this even happened)

43. I’m the clumsiest person you could possibly imagine

44. I cry a lot, but never in front of other people

45. My bed is full of stuffed animals

46. I prefer salty/ savoury food over sweets and desert

47. I’m don’t think I wanna get married

48. I really like tattoos on other people but I’d probably never dare to get one myself

49. In case I ever have children, I want to call them Emma, Liam, Sam or Noah

50. I can’t pronounce the word “squirrel” properly

So that’s all I have for now, feel free to ask anything or make suggestions for topics you want me to write about, I’m always open for any kinds of  ideas. Have a wonderful day, cheerio. 🙂 x